Babies in the Bungalow

Our baby nursery provides the care for babies and young children from the age of birth to 2 ½ years of age. This nursery is fully equipped with underfloor heating and wonderful opportunities for our babies to feel safe, nurtured and most important to us here at Smartys to feel loved.

All of this is done within a homely environment decorated with brightly coloured pictures and equipped with exciting toys and furniture to provide them with the foundations to begin to learn and develop.
Every step of the way we discuss changes with parents to work together as a team. Children change so much during this time that we have resources and equipment to deal with each stage of development, from rolling to sitting, crawling to walking.
We always make sure that we find out how the children have been and ask if there’s anything else we need to know. This handover provides opportunity to keep staff updated on the child’s current preferences with regards to their routine and up to date with any developments.
Our babies enjoy a variety of meals throughout the day consisting of breakfast, lunch and tea, prepared by our qualified cooks using traditional home cooking as their secret. Babies are offered water with every meal and water is available throughout the day.