Sue Bullough
Early Years Teacher Status
BA Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies

Hi my name is Sue and I am the education co-ordinator for Smartys Day Nursery. I mainly support both of our Pre-School nurseries (Eden court and Pirehill) however on occasions support the baby and toddler nursery when I need to.
I have completed the Early years teacher status so I am a fully qualified teacher delivering the education to our young children’s lives.
I am responsible for the day to day education at both of our pre-schools. I ensure that all of the children receive an educated day in a caring and fun way. I fully support and guide all of the staff involved in the pre-school’s overseeing the delivery of the education providing each pre-school with the resources and activities they need each week. I also ensure all development records and observations are carried out.
I aim to give the children the best possible start in life.

Early Years Foundation Stage (E Y F S)

At Smartys and along with our education co-ordinator we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. This ensures that all of the babies, toddlers and pre-school children receive an education which supports them in all areas of learning and development.

The EYFS is a single quality framework to support children’s learning and development from the ages of birth to 5 years (end of child’s reception year).

There are 7 areas of learning that the children follow:

The 3 prime areas are:

Personal, Social and Emotional

Communication and Language


The 4 specific areas are:

Understanding the World



Expressive Arts and Design

The EYFS recognises that all children are individuals and competent learners. The EYFS is delivered through a well planned play based approach to learning and development.

Working alongside the 7 areas of learning are the “CHARACTERISTICS OF EFFECTIVE LEARNING”, these are split into 3 headings:
Playing and Exploring
Active Learning
Creating and Thinking Critically

Download EYFS

At Smartys we use these characteristics through play and observations. They are also incorporated through adult focused and continuous provisions. This all goes hand in hand to provide a fun and educated day for all of the children.
All children when they join Smartys are given a Key person – who is responsible for your child’s overall development and education whilst with us.
TAPESTRY – our safe and secure online development journals.
We carry out observations on your child on a daily basis. These are put onto your child’s online E-Learning journal – a new online development system in which you can access at anytime and anywhere. Parents are actively encouraged to add any special and WOW moments from home. On this journal we upload lots of photographs as well as your child’s work – all form part of your child’s achievements and special moments during their time with us.

The information entered is then automatically tracked to see how your child is progressing. This monitors all areas of your child’s development in accordance with the early years foundation stage, this allows us to identify if there are any concerns or areas in which we need to support your child in. This book is a shared book between parents and staff and follows the child through nursery to school.
When a child is between the ages of 2 to 3 we use the tapestry programme to complete a progress record. This can be done anytime from their second birthday until the age of 3. This is done in addition to the development check carried out by health visitors. Parents are invited to meet with their child’s key person in order to complete this assessment as accurately as possible.
When a child leaves Smartys we will complete a summary sheet record for them to take to their new setting or school. This is a very useful document for either the teacher or new nursery as it provides an overall summary of the detailed information in the tracker.

Our team at Smartys are experienced early years professionals and are always available and welcome parents to ask for advice or additional support. We have the access to a wide variety of other services such as special needs experts and speech therapists should this be required.