Babies in the Bungalow

Our baby nursery provides the care for babies and young children from the age of birth to 2 ½ years of age. This nursery is fully equipped with underfloor heating and wonderful opportunities for our babies to feel safe, nurtured and most important to us here at Smartys to feel loved.

All of this is done within a homely environment decorated with brightly coloured pictures and equipped with exciting toys and furniture to provide them with the foundations to begin to learn and develop.

Every step of the way we discuss changes with parents to work together as a team. Children change so much during this time that we have resources and equipment to deal with each stage of development, from rolling to sitting, crawling to walking.

We always make sure that we find out how the children have been and ask if there’s anything else we need to know. This handover provides opportunity to keep staff updated on the child’s current preferences with regards to their routine and up to date with any developments.

Our babies enjoy a variety of meals throughout the day consisting of breakfast, lunch and tea, prepared by our qualified cooks using traditional home cooking as their secret. Babies are offered water with every meal and water is available throughout the day.

Some of our babies have breast, formula or cows milk during the day. We do ask for all parents to provide all of this each day and the carers will provide these feeds to the children when needed.

Our babies are offered a variety of snacks during the day, it is important for their little tummies to eat little and often to keep their metabolisms going. We offer a variety of foods to tempt their palates and to experience new textures and tastes.

b-bung1We encourage all meal and snack times to be social. All of the children sit at the same level and are encouraged to interact and chat to each other. We also help to wean babies in our baby nursery. All meals prepared are at the correct consistency (purred, blended, and lumpy) for each individual child.

We follow parent’s wishes as to where and when the babies sleep. We have a variety of cots, bouncers and sleep mats. We do not have set times for sleeping. Babies sleep as needed but also in line with their parents wishes.

Our babies nappies are changed regularly throughout the day or whenever needed. The carers check the babies’ nappies regularly. Each child has their own box where we store your child’s own nappies, wipes and creams (we do ask for parents to provide these).

Our babies are encouraged to explore and become mobile as they begin to cruise, crawl and walk around the rooms.

All babies are actively encouraged to join in with a variety of activities or they can choose their resources to play with. We have free choice areas within the baby nursery so that the children can practice their decision making skills. They can develop their physical skills when reaching out for toys and freely learn how to operate the toys at a pace that suits them.

The activities our babies are offered are in line with the EYFS (Early years foundation stage) curriculum framework and opperate under an online Tapestry framework to record all children’s development. They are observed by the staff so that we can make sure we develop their learning at a level which is appropriate to their specific stage of development.
The babies’ skills are challenged and developed through fun activities, the carers always praise the children’s efforts to help build their confidence and social skills.

We always make sure the babies have time to interact with their carers in a fun way so that they learn to trust us and develop their skills with confidence. We take our babies for walks within our local surrounding area using our triple pushchairs and we share access to the outdoor area in our toddler nursery. Our outdoor area consists of a pet corner with a bunny rabbit, soft safety surface where we can ride on the bikes and play on the activity mats and a large grassed area. We value outdoor play and experiences as we believe the benefits of fresh air are important to all children’s health and develoment. We wrap up warm when its cold or wear sun hats and sun cream in the summer.

At the end of each day in our baby nursery we always hand over to all of our parents. We let you know everything that your baby’s been up to and give you a written diary sheet so you can feel involved in any special milestones, achievements and how their day has been.