Smartys Little Starts Nursery

Our newest nursery is an innovative and unique purpose-built sensory based baby and toddler nursery, dedicated as always, to offering the very highest quality in loving childcare.

Smartys little stars continues to provide exceptional levels of care and motivating learning experiences within a truly loving and nurturing environment in which your child “SHINES”


Little Stars is centred around a sensory theme complete with tranquil ceiling and mood lighting along with soft music, all of this gives your child a stimulating and loving environment – ideal for all children to be able to grow, learn and develop.

Our Little Stars nursery provides the care for our babies and young children from the age of birth to 3 years of age. It is on two stories, our downstairs room is our “Twinkling Stars” room caring for babies from the age of birth to approx 18/20 months, they will then move to our upstairs room “Shooting Stars” until they are approx 3 years old.
They then have the opportunity to make the smooth transition just across the road to our pre-school nursery.


    We love our outdoor play

    The nursery is fully equipped with underfloor heating and wonderful opportunities for our babies and toddlers to feel safe, nurtured and most important to us here at Smartys to feel loved.

    All of this is done within a homely environment decorated with brightly coloured pictures and equipped with exciting toys and furniture to provide them with the foundations to begin to learn and develop.

    Every step of the way we discuss changes with parents to work together as a team. Children change so much during this time that we have resources and equipment to deal with each stage of development, from rolling to sitting, crawling to walking.

    We always make sure that we find out how the children have been and ask if there’s anything else we need to know. This handover provides opportunity to keep staff updated on the child’s current preferences with regards to their routine and up to date with any developments.

    We follow parent’s wishes as to where and when the babies sleep. We have a variety of cots, bouncers and sleep mats. We do not have set times for sleeping. Babies sleep as needed but also in line with their parents wishes.

    Our babies nappies are changed regularly throughout the day or whenever needed. The carers check the babies’ nappies regularly. Each child has their own box where we store your child’s own nappies, wipes and creams (we do ask for parents to provide these).

    Our babies are encouraged to explore and become mobile as they begin to cruise, crawl and walk around the rooms.

    Little stars nursery outdoor forest play

    We enjoy taking part in circle time which helps the children to develop the understanding of the world and their language skills. The children enjoy taking part in group activities and learn more each day. They often surprise us by coming up with something new at every opportunity.

    Our children also enjoy every opportunity to sing in groups and alone. The interaction builds on the children’s language skills and confidence. They especially enjoy action rhymes which they all can participate in. They end up with quite a broad repertoire of songs.

    All of the above is also done through makaton signing where the children learn new ways to communicate with carers and peers along with enhancing their current language skills. We believe that early intervention plays a key role in any child’s development.

    All of our toddlers are offered the choice of wanting a sleep, sleep and rest encourages growth and development and also recharges their mind. However some of our older children have grown out of this and are full of energy throughout their busy day.

    Home time at Little Stars

    At the end of their busy day and as the parents come to collect their fun loving and active toddlers they are given a detailed hand over about any special moments for the day along with how their child’s day has been and what they have been up to.


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